I took on this project while working as the Lead Designer at CX First Consulting Agency LLC. The product was an online concierge app/website for AirBnB and VRBO owners, directing their guests to local merchants who would offer discounts to users of the app. 
 The project required the design of an interface suitable for web and mobile devices, and necessitated extensive research to properly build user journeys for the AirBnB owner, the guest, and the merchant. 
My process involved the discovery phase, in which our team discussed information architecture, user flows, and objectives for 3 different user profiles. From there, I built upon rough wireframes which were presented by the client, establishing a style guide for visual elements and then implementing them within the wireframe. I then collaborated with the dev team to identify any issues, and moved on to adjust the design where needed based on the communications of the team.
Products used include: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD
Project Management and Communications Platforms include: Asana, Jira, Google Suite, Clockify, SalesForce
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